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Aksiutycz Alexander Axiutitsch (or Aksjutitsch or Aksiutycz)2019-06-11 23:29:14

We have been told that my great grandfather Alexander Axiutitsch (or Aksjutitsch or Aksiutycz) was born in Kovno or Vilnius during the year 1836-1838. He later moved to S:t Petersburg to study medicine. In churchbooks from S:ta Catarina Swedish congregation in S:t Petersburg you can reed that he was the son of estate-owner Axiutitsch. He was catholic.

We have found out that his fathers name was Konrad Aksiutycz, probably born in 1810, and the name Aksiutycz is also on a list of noble-mans living in Vilnius 1868-69.
I now think his mothers name was Paulina Zajaczkowskich (Zajaczkowskaja) and that she came from Poland, and was born 1811. Both parents later moved to, and died in Poland.

Alexander probably had a brother named Stanislaw Ignatij Aksiutycz from the first Novotrokskij congregation, born in 1837, and married 12 november 1868 in St Jonas church in Valenskij (Vilenskij) congregation, with Henrietta Haritonovitch. They probably got a daughter named Adelcia, born 1869 and died 1870. Burried in the Ross cementary in Vilnius.

Alexander was a doctor at the railways in Russia and died in Kursk 4/4 1926. He married our great grandmother Ingrid Nordenström, born in Sweden but living in St Petersburg. They had four children born between 1864 and 1872. The last of them Lydia Petronella became my grandmother. She died in St Petersburg in 1892.

Any information about Alexander and his relatives would be a great happiness for me and my Swedish relatives.

Kind regards

Rurik Löfmark
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