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Palla Deborah Palla2019-04-25 05:54:40

Are any of the Palla's in Poland related to Andrzej Palla, born in 1894, he was my Grandpa. I believe they grew up in a Czech colony, he had 4 or 5 brothers and 2 sisters. His parents were Annie and Jaroslaw Palla, They had a farm in Warkowisze, Poland. The last place my Grandpa lived with his wife Olga and their three children, Luba, Alexander and Lech before WWII broke out was Katerburg, Poland. I am the daughter of Lech Palla. I believe my Grandpa's father Jaroslaw travelled to the U.S. and northern Canada several times throughout his life. One of my Grandpa's brother's also lived in Montreal, Quebec, Canada for a time and then returned to Poland or the Czech Republic. I would be greatful for any information. Please email Thank you, Deb
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